We have been involved in the Sport of Dogs since back in the late 70's with the purchase of our first English Springer Spaniel. She was a pet quality dog but she taught us well on the importance of a good, solid foundation. At that time and until the mid 90's thought the Springer Spaniel was the only breed we could ever imagine having. Our original kennel name was Shirwood. We produced and finished Champions including sire's and dam's of merit.
Our kennel name at some point became S'Cess because of a friendship turned partnership with Calypso English Springer Spaniels.
Our daughter wanted her own dog for Junior's and so the first of many bloodhounds came into our lives. A bloodhound , once you have owned one, you will love them or never own another. It is magical to walk behind that harness as you work as a team using what mother nature gave them. A nose like none other. Scent, it's a beautiful thing. 
My husband wanted a breed that fit him and we were fortunate enough to know Anne Chase of Honor's Golden for our first. We adored our Trooper. We keep our mindset on type from his expression, movement and true Golden personality. Does our heart good to have his genes behind our dogs.